Group Training: The Imago Dei Challenge

What is The Imago Dei Challenge? The words Imago Dei (i-mah-go Day) are Latin, and translate into English...

What is The Imago Dei Challenge?

The words Imago Dei (i-mah-go Day) are Latin, and translate into English as “The Image of God.”  Through exercise, memorizing scripture, and prayer, we strive to preserve blameless our spirit, soul, and body (1 Thes 5:23).

Participants joining The Imago Dei Challenge start at our gym with a full-body assessment, including measurements of lean body mass, flexibility, postural and body-mechanic indicators, and more.  This information is used to craft a workout plan that best fits the individual’s needs, while guiding them to their goals injury free.

Once they begin, participants track each workout performance electronically, watching their own numbers improve and comparing their performance with other participants.  The workouts are carefully selected and formulated to provide the highest level of desired results (weight loss, strength, and overall health).

Attending to the spirit, participants of The Imago Dei Challenge also work to memorize selected  scriptures from The Bible.  These passages connect thematically with the progression of the workouts, allowing one to reflect and grow with God’s word.  Points are awarded for memorization, helping to create a fair balance all participants in the challenge.

 5. Imago Dei Wall

At the end of each workout, participants receive a customary recovery shake.  While the body recovers and the mind is energized, we gather for a group prayer.  This time is set aside for participants to praise God and make their requests known (Phil 4:6).

The challenge is open to every age and gender.  We take the time to choose and differentiate the workouts to match the unique needs of each participant, allowing everyone to reach his or her goals in a safe and effective way.